Feb. 8th, 2009

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"By God," says the green knight, "Sir Gawain, it likes me well
That I shall have what I came here for at thy hands.
And thou hast readily spoken, by reason full true,
Clearly all the covenant I asked of the king--
Save that you shall assure me, sir, by thy troth
That you shall seek me yourself, wheresoever you think
I may be found upon earth, and receive there such payment
As you shall deal me today before this dear company."
"Where should I find you?" says Gawain. "Where is your place?
I know not where you hail from, by Him that made me,
Nor do I know thee, knight, thy court nor thy name.
But teach me truly the way, and tell me how to call thee,
And I shall wake all my wit to win the way there;
And this I swear to you in truth, by my steadfast troth."
"That is enough in this New Year; I need no more,"
Says the man in the green to the gentle Gawain:
"I shall tell thee truly, when I've stood the test
And you have smitten me smoothly, smartly then I'll speak
Of my house and my home and my own name.
Then you may ask the way there, and hold to your word;
And if I speak no speech then, all the better for you,
For you may linger in your land and fare no further--
But now,
Take thy grim axe to thee,
And let's see how thou knocks."
"Gladly, sir, indeed,"
Says Gawain; his axe he strokes.


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