Jan. 7th, 2009

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After the siege and the assault were ceased at Troy,
The city shattered and burnt to cinders and ash,
The man that the treasons there had wrought
Was tried for his treachery, the truest on earth.
It was the noble Aeneas and his high kindred
That then conquered countries, and became lords
Well-nigh of all the wealth in the Western Isles:
When rich Romulus comes swiftly to Rome,
With great pride he first builds upon that place
And names it his own name, as it's now known;
Ticius to Tuscany, and builds towns;
Langobard in Lombardy lifts up homes;
And far over the French flood Felix Brutus,
On many banks full broad, Britain with joy
He begins;
Where war and wrack and wonder
By turns has passed therein,
And oft both bliss and blunder
Have swiftly shifted since.

And when this Britain was built by this powerful prince,
Bold men were bred therein, that loved battle,
That wrought trouble in many a turning time.
More marvels in this land have more often befallen
Than in any other that I know of, since that time.
But of all that here dwelt as Kings of Britain,
Ever was Arthur the highest, as I have heard tell.
Therefore an adventure on this earth I intend to show,
That some men might hold as a marvel to see,
And an extraordinary adventure of all Arthur's wonders.
If you will listen to this lay but a little while,
I shall tell it now just as I heard it in town
With tongue,
As it is set down ever
In story bold and strong,
With letters locked together
As in this land's been long.
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The king lay at Camelot upon Christmas
With many loving lords, ladies of the best;
All these rich brothers of the Round Table
With right rich revels and reckless mirth
There tourneyed; true knights full many a time
Jousted full joyfully; these gentle knghts
Then returned to the court to dance and sing carols;
For there the feast was held for full fifteen days,
With all the meat and the mirth that men could devise,
Such gleaming glee, glorious to hear:
Loud singing by day, dancing by night;
All was high and happy in halls and chambers
With lords and ladies as pleased them best;
With all the joy of the world they dwelt there assembled:
The most famous knights under Christ's self
And the loveliest ladies that ever had life
And he the comeliest king that ever held court;
For all these fair folk were in their first age
on earth,
The happiest under heaven,
With their high-willed king;
To name a better host
Today were a hard thing.
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